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…all “real-life” Sgt. Peppers, that is. In case you haven’t read the news today, it was 40 years ago that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play. (Technically it’s been 60 years, because it was already 20 years when the Beatles sprung the idea, but…never mind.) Now Albert Dock Company in Liverpool, England, home to the Beatles Story museum, is looking for real-life Sgt. Peppers — anyone with the surname of Pepper who is, or has served as, some kind of sergeant.

The point of this search is a big celebration as part of Liverpool’s Mathew Street Festival weekend, August 24-27. Winners will be treated to round-trip travel and lodging at the festival and a grand party. The venue also hopes to pull together a photograph of all the real-life Sgt. Peppers, in an homage to the classic Michael Cooper image used in Peter Blake’s cover design for the Beatles album (above left). But that 1967 photo — created with life-size cutouts of faces to make a surreal collage long before Photoshop — had some 87 pictures of artists and celebrities deemed as the Beatles’ “heroes.” Our guess is that the real-life Peppers will never approach that number — the museum may more likely round up, say … four.

But hey, it’s worth a search. If you are or know any real-life Sgt. Peppers, contact the Albert Dock Company by visiting this page. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. — Jack Crager