Exploring ways to control light with off-camera flash can take your lighting creativity, and most importantly, your photos to a whole new level.
What To Get:** There are a number of ways to trigger your off camera flash, you can use the tried and true hard wire system, an off camera cord that sits in your cameras flash hot shoe and connects directly to the flash. But, to get more distance and freedom, consider the wireless remote systems.

The remote systems range from the ebay trigger specials to the very reputable Pocket Wizard transmitters. Most camera systems have their own transmitter systems, The Canon Speedlite system relies heavily on direct line of sight for the system to work. The Nikon Speedlight system works more on a frequency set up. An old favorite the Vivitar 285 is making a comeback with this new lighting movement. Since the flash is not sitting on your camera’s hotshoe you are not tied to a specific brand of flash.