Typepad Import Image

Serif has released Vista certified AlbumPlus X2 ($50, street). This program is very simple but effective and has a pretty straight forward layout.

It’s a straightforward organization program, that’s easy to use. Once you have uploaded your files, the larger window shows the thumbnails which can be viewed in two formats, simple or standard. Simple shows just the thumbnail, standard shows the type of file it is by an icon in the left top corner, date, and time of capture and when you roll over the thumbnail ratings you have assigned the image are represented in stars. You can also view images in a larger window toggling from one to another.

In your viewing options you can look through your images by the year, month or date in a visual calendar set up with each view basically working in the same manner. I think being able to see your collection of images by the year is amazingly helpful if you are sorting through multiple years of images.