I joined father-daughter stock photographer team Tom and Jamie Grill last week for their day-long shoot for Compassionate Eye’s Summer Solstice Shoot. It was a great introduction to the program, not least of all because it was a beautiful day and we had lunch on the Grill’s outdoor patio in Jersey City. For the solstice shoot, 50 stock photographers around the world donate photos from that day’s shoot, which are distributed through Getty Images, and the proceeds from their sales go toward Compassionate Eye, a non-profit that supports educational projects in Guatemala. The truly ingenious thing about the organization is that it makes it easy for photographers to give back by simply doing what they do best. Plus, photographers who don’t have time to set up a full solstice shoot can also easily tag any of their photos so that their proceeds will go to Compassionate Eye. Photographers interested in the program can contact Getty images.

~Miki Johnson