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Listen carefully: Opportunity is knocking. And it’s carrying a $5,000 check, along with the title “The Best Shooter on the Planet.” Both of these could be yours before this summer is out.

It’s time for Pop Photo’s Third Annual Photographer of the Year Shoot-Out, your chance to earn fame and fortune, and to show the world just how good you really are.

We’re running the contest a little differently this year: instead of a three person face-off in New York City, the whole competition is being held online, which means anyone from around the world can participate.

To qualify for the Shoot-Out, which will take place July 16-19, you have to submit four shots (portrait, landscape, product and action) at http://shootout2007.popphoto.com/ by 9 a.m., EST, July 6.

For the rules, directions for uploading your shots, and all the other info, click here.