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Did anyone see these two photos in the past few days? I love animal photos (there, I said it), but these two are really something. In a way they speak to man’s relationship with nature. First, there’s the Bengal tiger plunging into water with the fiercest of faces. Far from being really wild and fierce, though, this big cat is named Odin, and he lives at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom near San Francisco. He’s diving for some dinner thrown to him by his trainer. It seems Odin has liked water since he was a cub, so he gets to do this kind of thing. By the way, white tigers like this are very rare—the coloring results from inbreeding, so the propagation of such animals in zoos is controversial. The photo is by Eric Risberg of the Associated Press.

Another Associated Press photo, credited to Melynne Stone, also caught my attention, for obvious reasons. This one shows a reportedly wild “monster pig” along with 11-year-old Jamison Stone, who shot the animal on May 3 at a fenced hunting range in Alabama. The hog weighed over 1,000 pounds and measured more than nine feet in length. Authorities are investigating to see whether anyone transported and released the live feral pig into the hunting reserve, which would be illegal.
–David Schonauer