When time lags between publications of Avedon retrospectives and Leibovitz collections, we like to see whether the Smoking Gun has updated its celebrity mug shots. Often it’s just to revisit Christian Slater in his finer moments or to find out how much weight Nicole Ritchie’s lost between DUI stops. But sometimes the images really are “arresting”—the grainy black-and-white prints of mobsters like Paul Castellano seem particularly revealing, and for the reckless like Robert Downey Jr., it’s just another pose. So today we were glad to see that Smoking Gun has put up a collection of noncelebrities. Like Tom DeLay, these everyday suspects take the snapshooter’s “Smile and say cheese!” literally. See for yourself here. What are they going to do with these photos, put them in their albums?
—Lori Fredrickson