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We like to think that most of our readers don’t scare off people when they approach with their camera in-hand at parties—hopefully you’ve learned enough from our tips and wisdom to impress your friends with your ability to make them look good. But you probably also have those bad-photographer friends, right? The ones that arrive right when you’re shoveling food in your mouth next to some icky fluorescent light, whip out their compact camera, and take a picture of you looking a chupacabra? And what do these friends do with those awful, horrible, never-should-be-seen photos? That’s right, they post them on the internet.

You’ll be glad to know that a guy named Flint has come up with a solution just for people like you. For $9.99, you can purchase one of his FlickrBlockrs, which are made essentially of a black piece of cardboard glued to the front of lenseless glasses frames. Next time one of your bad photographer friends tries to catch you at a bad moment, just put the FlickrBlockrs on and say cheese for the camera. In the final image you’ll have a black box blocking out your eyes, just like in that Girls Gone Wild video but without any postprocessing. For handy instructions, see the YouTube videos on their website.
Lori Fredrickson

UPDATE: It appears the since we wrote this post FlickrBlockrs have received a cease and desist order from a company by the name of Stupidiotic who makes similar “black bar” glasses. (If you click on the cease and desist order however you will still get through to the original FlickerBlockr site.)