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When a box arrives in the Pop Photo lab we always glance at the return label to see which company it came from. When we saw the label was marked “Ricoh”, a warm and fuzzy feeling came over us. Ricoh cameras are sort of like comfort food for photographers; they are simple, reliable and make you feel safe. That’s because for many of us, a Ricoh SLR was our first real camera. There were a number of Ricoh point-and-shoot cameras and SLRs, the GR-1, XR-P, KR-5, and XR-7 to name a few, and who can forget that weird shaped bridge camera, the Ricoh Mirai.

Ricoh withdrew from the US market back in the late 1990s, but some of their compact digital cameras have been trickling in from other countries. Now they are back in the U.S. officially, with Adorama being their exclusive US distributor.