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It’s only a matter of time with most technology, but it seems like the lifecycle of a mobile phone is two years—max. Despite the hype and glam of Apple’s iPhone (it really does have a lot of geek gadget appeal),I’ve been shopping for a phone for photography. Most camera phones take pictures with such low quality that disposable cameras are snickering. Enter the Nokia N95.

But who would be willing to shell out $750 on a mobile phone? Me. I’ve been looking for a phone/camera/wifi device for a while and the N95 fits the need. The 5-megapixel camera, though nowhere near the quality you’d get with a DSLR for the same price, has the advantage that I will always be carrying it, which a lot of people (myself included) don’t do with a DSLR. With all of its features, I’m hoping this one lasts longer than my 2 year mobile phone relationships of the past.
— Kevin Segedi