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Editorial photography is alive and well, I’m happy to say. While it’s getting nearly impossible to read the The New York Times Magazine these days, the publication remains a photographic destination. The portfolio by Richard Barnes in yesterday’s edition was mind-boggling. The images show flight patterns of starlings over Rome. If you’ve seen the work you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say they make you wonder about some sort of elemental connection between art and the natural world. If you haven’t seen them, go here and listen to Barnes talk about the work.

Meanwhile, in the completely unrelated area of fashion, photographer Mario Sorrenti has created a memorable and truly sexy series of images for the May issue of W. Nominally, his story, called “Revelation,” is about swimwear. But like much of the photography in W this story is more about art than clothes. Go here to see more.
—David Schonauer