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I love going the to annual AIPAD (Association of International Photography Art Dealers) show in New York. In my job I go to a lot of trade shows, most of them about cameras and consumer electronics. Art shows are far more agreeable.

No matter what kind of trade show you’re at, you get asked the same question over and over at each booth you visit: “How’s the show for you?” I’m never sure what this question means. Have I seen anything interesting? Have I accomplished anything profitable while walking the aisles? I think people are just asking about my general impressions of the show and, therefore, of the state of the industry. Or in the case of AIPAD, the state of the photographic art market.

For the record, here are my impressions from this year’s show, which ran last Wednesday through Sunday: More, bigger, better. And I made a discovery I’m very excited about. The photographer’s name is Dennis Callwood, whose work you see here.