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You know those days when you realize how woefully uninformed you are about a whole swath of culture? Well Tuesday was one of those for me.

On March 21, at the Soho Apple store, I caught the ninth in a series of presentation by photographers from NYCPhotobloggers.org (henceforth referred to by their own abbreviation NYCPB). Am I the only one who was previously unaware of this group? I sort of hope so, because it’s great.

The idea is simple: Get a bunch of local photobloggers together so they can help each other, educate each other, support each other, and publicize for each other. And the execution is admirable, in the way you would expect from a bunch of technology-savvy New Yorkers: Nice, clean website including Yahoo Group postings, Flickr Group scrolling pics, Del.icio.us tags, and thoughtful posts from regular contributors.