Where to Go and What to See

Follow the link for details about these events.

I just can't decide this week. Seriously. Everything seems so cool. If only this could continue to be my biggest dilemma in life—there are too many interesting things to do/see/write about!—I would never complain about anything again, I swear.

So, briefly, let's run down the list:

  • Henry Horenstein—touching but confrontational black-and-whites of his family and friends from the '70s
  • Susan Rankaitis—photographs of her installations of brightly colored tubes in the trees of Vilnius, Lithuania, which represent the limbic system, "part of the brain which influences the formation of memory by connecting emotion to physical sensation"
  • Suzanne Opton—eerie headshots where soldiers in Iraq lay their heads sideways on a table so they appear a) disembodied, b) dead, c) entranced, d) all of the above
  • Martin Schoeller—face shots of the über-famous to the un-famous shot from so close that pretty much everyone is unrecognizable as themselves
  • Dave Anderson—his first book, Rough Beauty, goes inside the proud but poor lives of Vidor, Texas, long a KKK staging-ground
  • Misty Keasler—empty, cluttered, theme rooms in Japan's "sex hotels": note, there is a bed and chains with handcuffs in every room
  • Alexander Cockburn—this contributor to The Nation and the Village Voice will discuss the "rise and fall of socialist realism" in American photography
  • Sigmar Polke—coincidentally, he helped develop "capitalist realism," which as a response to "socialist realism"; better known as a painter, he focused on photography in the '70s

Follow the link for details about these events.