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Yesterday we pointed out the New York Post’s reporting on Getty’s rumored interest in Jupitermedia, or more likely, the Jupiter Images division. Well, it looks like the Post was a little off. The Murdoch-owned tabloid would have been a little more accurate to say Getty was close to buying MediaVast, because today it actually happened!

MediaVast is the parent company of popular celebrity agency WireImage, as well as FilmMagic and Contour Photos. The company also has a sports division. The deal is valued at $200 million.

As some of you know I’ve been following this industry for several years now, although not as closely in the past year as those here and here. Rumors of Getty’s interest in WireImage and MediaVast have been circulating for years, but it’s still a bit of a shock to hear that it finally happened.

And to make matters even more interesting, Jupiter has now confirmed the Post’s report, meaning that that deal could still be on the table.

All of this is pending regulatory approval, of course. And while this is not exactly on the same level of satellite radio giants Sirius and XM merging, it’s close. Andy over a StockPhotoTalk is I think rightly calling it a “monopoly game.” I’m curious to hear what people think about the already giant Getty getting even bigger. Is this a good thing for the industry? For photographers?

Please add your thoughts in the comments. Full press release after the jump.

-Jay DeFoore