Hey, Hot Shot! deadline extended

From the press release:

We've never been shy about supporting Jen Bekman and her gallery, so I'm happy to make sure everyone knows that she is extending the deadline for the Winter Hey, Hot Shot! competition. But really, this is as much for the benefit of all you up-and-coming photographers out there. Jen has impeccable taste, as do the members of her distinguished panel, and the competition is known for being convenient to enter and for drawing the best kind of attention. What do you have to lose?

From the press release:

jen bekman is now accepting entries for the Winter Edition of Hey, Hot Shot!, the well-known and highly regarded quarterly photo competition. The new extended entry deadline is Monday February 12, 2007 @ 2PM––Pass it along. You can enter online at www.heyhotshot.com Hey, Hot Shot! debuts ten new talented photographers to the public four times a year with dedicated shows at jen bekman. In January of each year, the annual Hey, Hot Shot! ne plus ultra exhibition features four photographers selected from the previous year's finalists. The photographers featured in the annual show are represented by jen bekman in the year to come and are considered for a solo exhibition with the gallery.

~Miki Johnson