Where to Go and What to See

Jan. 4, 6-8John Milisenda, Pnina Yuhjtman, Ricardo Sarcos, Marius ZgirdeaOpening receptionSoho Photo15 White St.

In the calm before next week's deluge of gallery openings, a few interesting shows deserve your attention.

John Milisenda has been taking black-and-white photos of his family—his mother, father, and developmentally disabled brother—since 1968. The images included in his My Family show at Soho Photo capture the paradoxes of their lives and his ambivalence toward them. Also at Soho, Pnina Yuhjtman's dreamy By The Water manipulated Polaroids, Ricardo Sarcos's Transcendence, and Marius Zgirdea's The Birthplace of Love.

Jan. 4, 6-8
John Milisenda, Pnina Yuhjtman, Ricardo Sarcos, Marius Zgirdea
Opening reception
Soho Photo
15 White St.

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