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In this age where anyone with a camera phone is a photographer and anyone with an Internet connection is a publisher, many professional photographers are understandably worried about the changes happening all around them.

But there are a number of professional photographers who have embraced this new democratized landscape. Chase Jarvis, for one, has been waging a personal war against this fear of change. “There’s just such a negative vibe out there, I just don’t understand it,” he says, talking about what he calls the “old guard’s” futile attempts to preserve “professional photography” as some kind of hallowed ground. “I’d rather just be an open book.”

Or an open page, more specifically, an open Web page. Because Jarvis, like a wave of fellow photographers, now publishes a blog. Chasejarvis.com/blog is linked to Jarvis’ main Web page, but it is not a promotional tool. It was designed as a place to quickly disseminate information to a wide audience, a place for discussion and sharing, and a place to foster relationships.