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The normally soft-spoken Christoph Bangert will be giving a book signing this Friday at the International Center of Photography in New York to celebrate his new book, Travel Notes: 22 Thousand Miles Across the Americas ($35, powerHouse Books). The book chronicles Bangert’s incredible journey by car from the southern tip of South America all the way to New York City to begin his studies at ICP several years ago. Bangert now returns to ICP as a distinguished graduate, having spent much of the past several years as one of The New York Times‘ contributing photographers in Iraq.

Travel Notes draws extensively from Bangert’s contemporaneous diary, which together with the pictures lends the book an intimate feel, as if you’re looking through the same wide-eyed and wide-angled lens as the photographer. Bangert has no doubt seen much and matured much since that initial 22,000-mile journey, but here’s to hoping his photography never loses the joy of discovery and adventure exhibited here.

–Jay DeFoore