The new OWC Drive Dock Allows For Drive Swapping During Big Photo And Video Projects

Megapixels are on the rise, and you're going to need a lot of storage.

OWC Drive Dock Storage Solution For Photo And Video Editing
It looks like a toaster, but it’s full of SATA hard drives. OWC

The resolution races are back (formerly known as the megapixel wars), and if you need proof of that, just check out our Photokina 2016 coverage from last week. That means hard drive space is getting more important all the time. One World Computing recently announced the OWC Drive Dock, which lets you work off of swappable drives.

OWC Drive Dock Storage Solution For Photo And Video Editing
The back panel of the OWC Drive Dock OWC

The Dock connects to a computer using a USB 3.1 interface and accepts bare SATA drives like the ones you’d expect of find inside a laptop computer. Each bay can handle both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives, which are hot swappable for ease of use.

It’s a more affordable and efficient method than buying a ton of dedicated external drives, and it doesn’t leave you with individual housings and connectors that can die and leave you in the lurch. It may be overkill for an enthusiast, but if you’re turning out a lot of data, it could save time and money.