Polaroid Cube+ Action Camera with Wifi
Polaroid Cube+ Action Camera with Wifi

In a way, the original Polaroid Cube action camera is a bit like Rocky. It’s small and has always been something of an underdog to the GoPro goliath. But, it was also tenacious and appealing to the masses (in large part due to its cheap price point). Now, Polaroid has given their action camera a makeover, and has introduced the Cube+, which gets a few key upgrades.

The Cube+ is now Wifi-enabled, which means that the dedicated iOS and Android apps allow you to control it remotely, beam images to the device’s storage, or just use a mobile device as a remote viewfinder. For a device this small, that’s a pretty important feature to have.

The new model gets a video resolution bump to 1440p at 30 fps, and now has digital image stabilization to smooth out footage.

Polaroid Cube+ Action Camera with Wifi

The body itself is still shockproof, weather-proof, and splash-resistant, which means it’s not meant to be fully submerged under water, but it will stand up to most extreme sports or other popular activities like mud runs.

The Cube+ costs $149 and comes with a 128 GB Micro SD card and a bumper case. That’s about half the price of the similarly-sized GoPro Session, before you add the value from the SD card. Of course, you lose some pure imaging horsepower and the ability to go completely underwater, but that’s a pretty significant savings if you don’t need those features. The original Cube will still be sticking around at its very attractive $99 price point.

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