New Gear: Manfrotto KLYP+ Accessories for iPhone 6

Today Manfrotto announced a new set of mobile accessories to augment the iPhone 6’s photography capabilities. The new KLYP+ case for iPhone 6/6 Plus comes in black, white and red and when paired with it’s accessories turns your phone into an even better tool for shooting both video and stills.

In addition to the case, the KLYP+ line features six interchangeable lenses, an LED light with tripod mount, and a Pixi mini tripod. The solid aluminum lens lineup includes a fisheye, a telephoto 1.5X, a telephoto 3X, a wide-angle and macro, a super wide-angle and a polarizer. Each of the lenses attach to the case through a built-in threaded connection. The LED light is rechargeable via USB, has a 60° beam angle and emits 225 lumens, making it great for brightening up iPhone pictures shot in low-light conditions.

The KLYP+ 6 complete kit is available now. Pricing for the KYLP+ is below:

•KLYP+ 6 case (red, black or white): $24.99

•KLYP+ 6 fisheye lens: $29.99

•KLYP+ 6 tele 3X lens: $29.99

•KLYP+ 6 power lens kit: $49.99

•KLYP+ 6 creative lens kit: $49.99

•KLYP+ 6 case, LED light kit: $79.99

•KLYP+ 6 case, fisheye kit: $49.99

•KLYP+ 6 case, tele 3X kit: $49.99

•KLYP+ 6 case and Pixi: $44.99

•KLYP+ 6 complete kit: $124.99