GoPro Hero+ LCD
GoPro Hero+ LCD

Until now, the GoPro Hero4 Silver is the odd duck in the GoPro lineup as the only one to sport a built-in LCD screen. Now, it has some company in the form of the more affordable Hero+ LCD.

The new camera has familiar specs in terms of action cameras. It shoots up to 1080p at 60 fps and eight megapixel still photos at up to five fps. Like the GoPro Hero4 Silver, it now has a touch-enabled LCD screen right on the back of the camera, so you can set up and review your shots without having to sync the camera to the dedicated GoPro smartphone app.

The camera isn’t available quite yet, but should be shipping in the coming weeks. The $300 price tag is a considerable step up from the $129 for which you can currently get the regular Hero, but that camera is limited to 30 fps at 1080p, so you’re getting an overall resolution bump as well.

GoPro Hero+ LCD

It will be interesting to see if GoPro continues to add LCD screens to their cameras, even into the higher product lines. The app works pretty excellently, but the wireless connection can be a bit of a drag on battery life. it can also be a bit laggy.

For $300 and with a built-in screen, it seems like GoPro is taking a bit of a shot at what’s left of the compact camera market. If a user is thinking about buying a compact camera, why not buy one that shoots HD video, it ultra small, can go underwater, and can be mounted just about everywhere?

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