New Gear: Fotodiox LED100WB Studio Lights

Fotodiox's new LED light delivers equivalent of about 400Ws

Fotodiox LED100WB
Fotodiox LED100WBFotodiox

Fotodiox, purveyor of lens adapters, studio lighting, and other photo and video accessories has a new LED light aimed at studio shooters called the LED100WB. Shaped like a studio strobe, the LED100WB uses the same Balcar bayonet mount as Alien Bees, Einstein, and Paul C Buff lights to mount accessories. That means that there is already an ample stable of accessories you can choose from to modify the LED100WB's 60-degree, 6500 Kelvin native output.

According to Fotodiox, the new light consumes 100 watts, but outputs the equivalent of a 400 watt hot light while remaining cool. Unlike fluorescent sources, the LED100WB is flicker free. It comes with a small ballast to supply power as well as a 12-inch reflector and a diffusion sock for that reflector. The ballast can plug into any standard power outlet.

With the video capabilities of cameras gaining faster frame rates, a flicker free lights such as this one will have more of a place in studios Plus, the fact that they barely generate any heat makes them a nice choice for portrait photographers. At a 400-watt equivalent, they aren't super powerful, but if you're already using a 400 watt light, you'll have a friendlier electricity bill since these new lights use less energy. The folks at Fotodiox have been on a roll the last couple of years and it doesn't seem like they'll be slowing their roll anytime soon. The LED100WB costs $300 and can be purchased directly through the Fotodiox website.