Animated comparison of Enhance Details
The animation above shows the difference in a detail area zoomed into 400% of a Fuji X-Trans based file. Look to the color differences within the streetlights to see the benefits of this new feature. Adobe

Adobe announced a number of updates to the various Lightroom apps this morning, including a feature called Enhance Details, which is powered by the company’s AI platform, Sensei.

The new addition is found in Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for both Mac and Windows. It offers a brand new approach to demosaicing the data captured by your camera’s sensor.

The updated algorithm reportedly allows users to increase detail in Bayer (most digital cameras) and X-Trans (Fujifilm cameras) photos up to 30 percent. Adobe says the new feature improves fine detail rendering, improves color reproduction, and fixes issues that some users were having with Fujifilm X-Trans cameras.

Although the introduction of Enhance Details is the biggest news, there are additional upgrades as well. Here is what else is coming.

Lightroom HDR and Panorama merge
An HDR Pano merged image. Adobe

Lightroom CC

HDR, Pano, HDR Pano merge, Targeted Adjustment Tool, and histogram clipping indicators have all been added to Lightroom CC for Windows and Mac. Both RAW and JPEG photos can be merged using the new feature.

Lightroom HDR and Panorama merge How To
Photos imported into Lightroom CC prior to being merged together. Adobe

The Targeted Adjustment Tool gives users more precision over tonality and color within an image and can be accessed from the Tone Curve and Color Mixer tools. As the name implies, this new tool gives users the ability to quickly modify certain sections of an image with click and drag motions.

Lightroom target adjustment tool
The new Targeted Adjustment tool allows users to modify specific areas of an image using click and drag motions. Adobe

Turning on histogram clipping indicators will show areas where your highlights or shadows have been clipped. This feature is accessed through the histogram.

lightroom histogram clipping indicators
The histogram clipping indicator shows areas within an image where highlights are blown out and shadows are murky. Adobe

Lightroom Classic:

While Lightroom Classic has fewer upgrades—which has been par the course since Adobe announced Lightroom CC—there is big news for Nikon shooters. Adobe says that the newest release has upgraded tethered shooting for Nikon cameras, which will increases in speed and stability for these photographers. Similar improvements were made for Canon shooters last fall.