My Favorite Old Camera: Geoffrey Berliner’s Graflex Stereoscopic Graphic

A camera from the early 20th century that offers a stereo view

Asking Geoffrey Berliner to pick a favorite piece of old camera gear is a bit like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. As the Executive Director of New York City's Penumbra Foundation, Berliner has a huge stash of antique camera equipment that he regularly uses in the Penumbra Tintype Studio.

But his Graflex Stereoscopic Graphic is an old standby in the studio. For a number of years Berliner shot film with the Graflex, but when Penumbra devolved their Tintype studio he thought it would be a fun addition. Berliner actually modified the camera for use in the studio by attaching a matched stereo pair of Petzval portrait lenses to the front and swapping the traditional 5x7 film holder for one that can accommodate the wet plates used to make tintypes. Watch the video below to find out more about Berliner’s love for this piece of early 20th century gear.