Mentor Series: Best of 2013

The best images of 2013

Alex Sneiders
Alena Vasyltsova
Alex Sneiders
Alex Sneiders
Ali Gershin
Amiel Ansus
Gerry Heine
Alex Sneiders
Carolyn Davis
Carolyn Davis
Claire Bennis
Frank Spasaro
Gerry Bastien
Heather Collins
Howard Cooper
Jackie Newell
Jim Craft
Kevin Brown
Leo Cumings
Louise Banzon
Lyn Clark
Manny Banzon
Michael Bendixen
Michael Guerra
Steve McSpike
Stefan Jhagroo

Thank you to everyone who submitted images to the "BEST OF 2013” photo workshops gallery. We received many great and creative images.

Congratulations Alex Sneiders for the winning 2013 image from the Scotland Trek in August 2013.