Mentor series: Best of 2012

The best images of 2012

Scott Bump
Alex Sneiders
Alex Sneiders
An Vo
Barbara Garcia
Becky Davis
Ben Landrum
Cam Jenkins
Daniel Benn
David Alberto Reyes
Fred Langer
Gary Gustin
Ian Enright
Jeff Sanfacon
Jerry Nichols
Joel Kleiner
Joy Harder
Julie Oglesby
Katie Oreilly
Ken Neal
Luis Romero
Manny Lairoza
Marvin Gale
Michael Pierce
Pat Artis
Raj Das
Rennan Quijano
Rob Prushan
Scott Bump
Stephen Ray
Stephen Ray
Steve Dedrickson
Suzanne Trottier
Tom Stewart
Viv Teague
Wilson Wyatt

Thank you to everyone who submitted images to the "BEST OF 2012” photo workshops gallery. We received many great and creative images.

Congratulations Scott Bump for the winning 2012 image from the China Trek in May 2012.