Mentor Series: Monument Valley & Arches

The best images from our trek

Scott Kooken
Don Rueter
Sherry Icardi
Robert DeRepentig
Pete Poulsen
Pete Poulsen
Sherry Icardi
Don Rueter

I attended the Mentor Series Arches & Monument Valley Workshop on Apr 9 – 13 2014. This was my second Mentor Series Trek and it was just as enjoyable and informative as the first. Michelle and Vanessa were top notch making sure everyone’s needs were addressed and did their best to keep us on schedule. The instructors although having different shooting styles were very knowledgeable, approachable and eager to impart some of their knowledge to you. Even simple stuff like don’t blow on your lenses or eyeglasses with polarized lenses are helpful. I enjoy going on the treks for three reasons. First, I sign up for destinations that I always wanted to go and photograph. The Mentor Series picks out some of the best locations in the area to photograph at the right time of day. Second, the mentors give you an added perspective in choosing interesting compositions (bending/laying down) and the added bonus of having them answering questions about camera settings if you get in trouble.

Lastly, the camaraderie between the trekkers, who tend to also love photography and have different skill levels of experience. It is very informative to see what pictures your counterparts took and what angles they shot during the review session. I have gained a lot of insight from the reviews since we are all trying to capture the same scenes.