World's largest camera collection

THE LIGHT COLLECTOR from Dheerankur Upasak on Vimeo.

Gear Acquisition Sydrome is something that gets talked about a lot online as a way to describe the overwhelming compulsion many photo enthusiasts feel to constantly buy camera gear. For Dilish Parekh, the urge isn’t about the latest and greatest, but rather building a huge archive of classic cameras he keeps as a collection. His hobby started decades ago, and since then he has put together an arsenal of more than 4,500 cameras—and the collection keeps growing.

Many of his cameras are cheap and obscure, but from the looks of the video, there are also some true gems to be found in there, including the Leica 250, which can fetch tens of thousands of dollars on its own depending on condition and type.

World's largest camera collection
Dilish Parekh with one of his prized cameras. Vimeo

Camera collecting is often a highly personal thing with tons of sub-genres and niches. I personally love old SLRs and medium-format cameras that I can load up with film and take out shooting. But, I also have literally dozens of old Polaroid 600 cameras because they’re typically almost free at garage and rummage sales, so I can’t pass them up.

If you have a camera collection of your own, feel free to drop a photo or some details in the comments. We would love to see what you’re collecting.

From: PetaPixel