Lumee smartphone case for selfies



We don’t write a lot about selfie technology here on, but if you follow the world of Instagram “influencers” you’re probably aware of the original LuMee smartphone case. It has light strips down the side to give even illumination in a selfie-taking situation. It’s apparently a favorite tool of Kim Kardashian. Now, there’s a new version called the LuMee Duo, which has lights on the front and the back.

Some of you have no doubt clicked out of this article already and headed back to the Facebook comments or Twitter to call us idiots for covering this thing, but it’s a rather fascinating product to me. Lighting is one of the few places where dedicated cameras still really shine over smartphone cameras, and things like this are only going to get more and more prevalent.

As seen here, you can also use the LuMee case to re-enact the ending scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

The LuMee Duo case now has lights on the front and the back of the phone, so it can be used for things requiring the front-facing camera, like video chatting.

Stuff like this is easy to make fun of for photography nerds like ourselves, but this honestly feels like a look into the future of smartphone cameras, or maybe even compact cameras. Even small system cameras have started implementing features like 180-degree flip screens for selfie composition. Cameras already detect smiles and throw fill flash. To see something like this from one of the bigger camera makers wouldn’t surprise me nearly as much as it would have a few years ago.

Until then, though, you can get one of the LuMee Duo cases for $70.