Examples of Possible Camera/Lens Adapter Combinations (source: Cameraquest)
Camera Adaptable Lenses
Fuji X-Pro1 Bodies Leica M Nikon F Contax/Yashica Canon FD/FL Pentax K Olympus OM M42 Screw Mount Leica R Exakta
Canon EOS Bodies Contax/Yashica Leica R Leica Visoflex Nikon SLR Lenses with Aperture Rings Nikon G (and non-G) Olympus OM Pentax 42 Screw Mount Pentax K Lenses→ EF-S Bodies Pentax PDA Lenses → EF-S Bodies
MICRO 4/3 Digital Bodies(Olympus EP1, EP2 etc., Panasonic Lumix G1, GH1, GF1 etc.) Leica M Pentax KA Nikon F Nikon G Nikon F Canon FD Contax/Yashica Olympus OM Leica R
Sony NEX E-mount Leica M Nikon F Pentax K Classic Nikon Rangefinder Classic Contax Rangefinder Nikon G Pentax PDA Nikon F Canon FD Contax/Yashica Pentax K Pentax M42 Olympus OM Leica R
Pentax Q Digital Cameras Nikon F Canon FD Contax/Yashica Leica R Pentax M42Pentax K Olympus OM
4/3 Digital Bodies by Olympus, Panasonic and Leica Nikon F Pentax M42 Pentax K Exakta Minolta MD Rollei SL-35
Leica Screw Mount to Leica M Mount Bodies Lens Adapters (Including Leica M series, Voigtlander Bessa M mounts, CL, Minolta CLE, Konica RF, and Zeiss ZM) Allows use of any standard 39mm Leica Screw Mount lenses of any manufacture on Leica M mount cameras of any manufacture
Leica M Body Canon FD/FL Contax/Yashica Leica R Nikon F Olympus OM Pentax K/KA