Ikea Klikk App Only Takes One Picture

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Ikea Klikk App Only Takes One Picture
What if you only had one shot? (Yes, this is an Eminem joke) Ikea

Ikea stores are famous for their meat balls, their furniture, and their stores’ ability to test the strength of a relationship. Recently, however, they started selling high-end art, which includes photography from some well-known artists. In order to promote the collection, Ikea has created a new camera app called Klikk, which will only take a single photo.

It’s part of a Belgian promotion and the single photo restriction is meant to give it the “feel” of the analog process. Once users take their single photo, they can submit it to a contest, the winner of which will have his or her photo featured in the next edition of the Ikea Art Collection.

It’s a fun concept even if it is an obvious gimmick. Personally, I wouldn’t be overly stoked to submit an image I wasn’t allowed to edit at all to a jury of professional photographers for judgment, but I do like a challenge. I would probably be paranoid about hitting the button by accident.

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