Halloween Deals
A photo booth utilizing some of last year's post-Halloween scores.

Half-priced candy tends to get all the attention on the day after halloween, but as photographers, there are also a lot of cool, cheap photo props to be had in those aisles.

Behind the bargain bags of Butterfingers lies everything from costume jewelry to strings of colored lights. I’ve actually already made a pretty good haul of wacky accessories that I use when I set up photo booths at events. They’re surprisingly popular.

Now is also a great time to pick up some really cheap theatrical makeup to mess with.

Halloween props
Many Halloween props go on sale the day after the holiday. Stan Horaczek

Chances are, the party stores may be a bit picked over, so try the local department stores and see what they have left. They typically want to start getting the Halloween stuff off the shelves as quickly as possible so they can start the full-on Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday push.

The local Target even had some pretty nice 4×6 picture frames that were only very vaguely Halloween-themed for more than half-off.

Anyone else go treasure hunting on the day after Halloween? Feel free to share your tips or your scores in the comments.