85 Vintage Photo Ads

Take a trip through 70-plus years of Popular Photography ads.

Photography has come a long way in 70-plus years and, apparently, so has advertising. While flipping through the Popular Photography archive, we couldn't help but be mesmerized by some of the old advertisements that once graced our pages. Some of them are interesting and some of them are downright comical by today's standards. But, ultimately, they provide a fun look back at the progression of the photographic equipment we love so much. One day, we'll laugh when we see an old advertisement for a DSLR with 23 measly megapixels. Then we'll head off to shoot some images with the gigapixel cameras that are implanted directly into our eyeballs. But, until then, use this gallery of old ads to take a trip down photography's memory lane.

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May 1937

June 1946

April 1953, January 1956

January 1966, June 1969

October 1974, January 1978

Dec. 1981, July 1984, Jan. 1988

June 1994, June 1999

December 2001, February 2004