Master Series: Bibliography

Leibovitz Bibliography (Eight Volumes that have Captured a Career)

Annie Leibovitz: Photographs
(1983) In this collection of Leibovitz's images-most from Rolling Stone-we see the photographer's development as a conceptual artist. Among the subjects: Meryl Streep in whiteface, Lauren Hutton in the mud, Woody Allen in the ladies' room.

(1999) Leibovitz collaborated
with Susan Sontag on this collective
portrait of women at the close of the 20th century. The subjects include athletes, scientists, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and a series of portraits of Las Vegas showgirls in and out of their spectacular costumes.

The White Oak Dance Project: 1990–1991 American Tour
(1990) A limited-edition volume of photographs taken over a period of weeks as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Mark Morris created a modern dance company. The collection reflects one of the most intense working periods of Leibovitz’s career.

American Music
(2003) Leibovitz began her career working for a music magazine at the cutting-edge of the zeitgeist. For this book she brought her empathy for musicians to a special project that encompassed a range of genres, from country to rock, jazz, hip hop, and a touch of classical.

Annie Leibovitz: Photographs, 1970–1990
(1991) The first retrospective
compilation of Leibovitz’s work includes many of her most famous portraits:
Whoopi Goldberg, the Rolling Stones, Tennessee Williams, Patti Smith, Muhammad Ali, Miles Davis, Keith Haring, and Bruce Springsteen.

A Photographer’s Life: 1990–2005
(2006) A visual autobiography of sorts, this mid-career retrospective is one of the most revealing books ever made by a photographer. Leibovitz combined family
photos with assigned work, underscoring
the thin boundary between her personal and professional lives.

Olympic Portraits
(1996) As official photographer of the 26th Olympiad in 1996, Leibovitz spent months traveling across the country to shoot athletes competing to go to the Games in Atlanta. “Nothing people do is more intensely reflected in how they look than athletics,” she observed.

Annie Leibovitz at Work
(2008) In this bestselling book, chosen by American
Photo as one of the top photo books of the year (see January/February
2009), Leibovitz discusses in detail how her pictures are made. It is part memoir, part primer, and part commentary
on the creative process.

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