Annual Gettysburg Civil War Re-enactment
When: July 1-3.
Where: Gettysburg, PA.
What: Three days of battles and thousands of participants in Civil War-era garb kick off the photographic month with style.
Tip: Though the action comes close, it’s never close enough to really use that wide-angle effectively. Zoom in, and single out moments in the field. Gunfire makes for dramatic backdrops.
For info: 717-338-1525;

Boston 4 Celebrations
When: July 4. Where: Boston.
What: The 23-minute Independence Day fireworks show in Beantown draws an average of 500,000 spectators annually for a perfect chance to grab candids and fireworks shots.
Tip: Cross over to the Cambridge side of the Charles River, and capture the fireworks above the Boston skyline. For our top five tips on shooting fireworks, go to
For info: 888-484-7677;

World’s Largest Sockeye Salmon Run
When: First week of July.
Where: Katmai National Park & Preserve, AK. What: More than 2.4 million salmon swam through Brooks River last year to lay their eggs…and that meant up to 60 bears at a time were lined up every few feet along the riverbanks to feast.
Tip: The falls platform gives the best view to photograph bears with their mouths open, waiting for fish to jump in.
For info: 907-246-3305;

Lumberjack World Championships
When: July 28-30.
Where: Hayward, WI.
What: Sawing, axe throwing, and log chopping competitions. Plus, chainsaws rigged with snow-mobile engines. These are not your everyday photos.
Tip: Tight spaces make tripods unwieldy, so stabilized zoom lenses are a must. Get down by the pole climbers for dramatic shots upward.
For info: 715-634-2484;