Match your photos to your partying style.

Parades, bagpipes, shamrocks, hoisting a pint… St. Patrick’s Day is full of fun and color. Just the sort of holiday that demands good pictures. But what camera should you pack on the day honoring the man who drove the snakes out of Ireland? That all depends on your style of celebrating. Here are our top picks for 5 different St. Paddy’s personalities:

The Green (Life of the) Party

Alt Fujifilm Z10 ($140, street) There are many slim pocket compacts out there, but this one wears a leprechaun suit. And a green camera looks downright dignified next to green beer and bagels. The blog-ready feature means you’ll be all set to share the fun by posting to Facebook and Myspace.

The Pub Crawler

Olympus Stylus 1030SW ($400, street)
It doesn’t matter how rowdy the crowd gets at the pub, this compact is shockproof and even liquid- (read: beer-) proof. Got a plate of corned beef and cabbage? Turn on the food mode for a trophy shot. Bonus: also available in green.

The YouTuber


Canon PowerShot S5 IS ($330, street)
Video mode sets this electronic viewfinder camera apart from the field. Optical Image stabilization keeps the image shakes down, even at long reach in dim pubs, and whether it’s a surprise show by singer Shane MacGowan, or just the local bagpipe brigade, it’ll capture the sound in stereo.

The Merry Maker

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 ($400, street)Alt
Okay, so it’s the Irish eyes that smile, but Sony’s Smile shutter mode detects those involving the mouth. And it’s a great way to break the ice to meet that special lad or lass.

AltThe Crowd Pleaser

Samsung NV24 ($350, street)
It’s all black, like a good pint of Guinness. It’s got a cool slide-button interface and a very wide 24mm lens for group shots. Those incriminating videos of your friends singing “Danny Boy” become even more evil in 720p HD capture.