HallettWx.com Tries to Predict When The Sunsets Will Be Good For Photography

When there’s a good sunset happening outside, it’s hard not to know about it, even if you’re trapped in a windowless office. Social media like Instagram and Facebook won’t let a good evening sky go to waste. In fact, earlier this week, NYC-based IG and FB users bombarded the services with pictures of a particularly pretty sunset. Now, a site called Halletwx.com is attempting to use science to predict when a sunset is going to be particularly photogenic.

There’s a pretty elaborate outline of the methodologies involved on the site that explains how it measures things like type of cloud cover, temperature, and all that other crucial weather stuff that contributes to an impressive evening sky. Low, dark cloud cover is bad, while small, high clouds are good, for example.

The site apparently accurately predicted last week’s pink light sunset bonanza, so it already has a win under its belt.

Unfortunately, today’s outlook for me has me in the dark blue section of the map, which means I’m in for a severely lackluster sunset along with most of New England.

Click here to see the prediction