RIP Google Glass
Google Glass RIP

When Google Glass was first announced, it seemed crazy ambitious. We love cameras, so why wouldn’t we be excited about the prospect of having one strapped to our faces at literally all times? But, the road for Google Glass was a complicated one, with lots of twists and turns and people being called “nerds.” Now, it appears that the Google Glass journey is over, as almost all mentions of the product on official pages have been stripped away.

If you’ve been following Glass at all, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. And, if you have no idea what Google Glass even is, that’s not much of a surprise either. Basically, Google wanted to turn the world into an augmented reality play land, putting a heads-up display directly in front of one of your eyes and mounting a camera right onto your head. You could use voice commands to tell it to take photos and video, and the camera could be used to recognize objects in the real world and provide real-time information about them as if you were some kind of android.

I remember seeing several high-profile tech writers walking around wearing them at CES at the pinnacle of the Google Glass hype. The product never really made it to the point where it was ready to be sold on a mass scale to the public, but then I was never sure that was the point in the first place. The camera was a bit lackluster and the HUD took some real getting used to, but it was a very cool concept and it was given a ton of support. Now, “Wearable technology” has moved away from the head and toward the wrist, with things like fitness trackers becoming fairly ubiquitous, but as virtual reality image capture becomes more popular, the idea of people walking (or more likely, sitting) around with headsets strapped to their faces is becoming more realistic.

From: Gizmodo