Beehive Picture Hangers

Until digital photo frames really hit their stride, the print will rule as the best way to display your photos around your home. Hanging them, however, can be a challenging, especially if you’re neurotic about wanting it to be completely straight. This Kickstarter for Beehive Picture Hangers wants to make it simpler.

The Beehive hangers attach to the back of the frame and have small pins that protrude. When you hold them up to the wall roughly where you want the final placement, it makes a mark in the drywall to show you where the supports need to go. The beehive patter lets you make small adjustments to the position and angle of the frame.

The clips are designed to hold up to 30-pounds worth of art, which should be plenty unless you’re putting all of your photos in massive wooden frames like Renaissance paintings. They also completely eradicate the need for measuring.

Right now, the project is in Kickstarter mode to raise funds, so if you want to order them, you’ll have to pick one of the pledge levels. A single set costs $5, and two sets cost $10, but the price per unit goes down pretty drastically from there. If you go up to $50, you can get a full 26 sets, which might be more wall space than you have in your house.

It seems like a clever system and I think I might even order a few on my own because I have a ton of prints sitting in stacks that I’ve been too lazy to hang.