The Collector Video

Every day is a struggle for me not to type “” into my browser and blow a whole bunch of money I don’t really have on old cameras. Watching a video like this makes it that much more difficult.

The Collector from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.

The film itself is extremely short, but it profiles a classic camera collector the film maker met while shopping in an antique store. He has more than 1,000 older cameras in his collection, including a couple amazing field cameras you can briefly see in the video.

Im not a big collector of things in general, but seeing all that old gear is a real reminder of just how much tradition there is in this photography thing we’re so fond of. We worry a lot about image quality tests and autofocus performance, but people were out there making great photos before we had any of the fancy technology we have now. And there will be people making pictures far in the future, when our fancy toys seem about as advanced as a rock and occupy the shelves of local antique stores.

Do you keep a collection of older cameras? Share some photos in the comments!