Dropbox Pro $10 for 1 TB

There’s no shortage of places to stick your photos online, but Dropbox is a particularly handy service if you need to deliver lots of images to clients or other people. Now, they’re revamping their Dropbox Pro program, adding storage and functionality while making the whole thing cheaper.

Dropbox Pro will set you back $10 per month, but for that price you get a full terabyte of storage. That puts it at the same pricepoint offered by data mega-giant, Google. In addition to the upgraded storage, you can now add passwords to shared links, add expiration dates to shared link, make folders “view-only,” and remotely delete Dropbox folders from devices that may have been stolen or misplaced.

It still does all the typical Dropbox basic stuff as well, like automatically syncing photos and videos from your phone, and organizing your images into simple galleries.

Personally, I use (and pay for without being reimbursed) both Google Drive and Dropbox, but I typically find Dropbox to be a little simpler for the people to whom I’m sending photos. I also like the extra functionality, so now that the storage is the same, I’ll re-evaluate a little.

What sharing service are you currently using?