triggertrap redsnap

Back in 2011, the Triggertrap kickstarter made waves as an affordable, multiple input, camera trigger that anyone could use — and then spun off into a popular smartphone app. Now Triggertrap has gone back to Kickstarter with the Triggertrap Redsnap, a far more refined looking, modular triggering system.

Rather than putting every trigger imaginable into a single bulky unit, the Triggertrap Redsnap allows you to use as few, or as many, as you want. The base module controls the system via an LCD, can connect to Triggertrap Mobile, has 3x camera/flash connectors, a Micro USB port, and a tripod mount. It can be used for timelapses, TimeWarps (accelerating timelapses), HDR, and star trails. After that, there will be a high speed laser sensor; high speed sound sensor; high speed light sensor (for lightning and the like), and a passive infrared (read: motion) sensor.

Since the system is modular, you can combine different sensors together, or even multiples of the same, so that the camera is only triggered under specific conditions. It’s also much faster than previous Triggertraps, the company is claiming it’s 30x more speedy than Triggertrap v1, and 100x faster than the mobile app.

If you’re interested in backing the Triggertrap Redsnap, you can get the base unit for just a 35GBP (around $55) commitment — but if you want all the sensors, that climbs to 150GBP ($240).