OpenReflex is a 3D Printed, DIY SLR

If you have a 3D printer floating around, why not build yourself a camera (and make it take your favorite glass)?



Recently we took a look at the Lomography Konstruktor, a DIY SLR that you can build yourself from a kit. But what if you want to go one step further and build the entire thing yourself? Well, if you have access to a 3D printer, you now can with the OpenReflex.

OpenReflex is a 3D printable SLR, completely open-source, with a mirror viewfinder, and a fixed 1/60s exposure. Created by French Design student Leo Marius, putting together an OpenReflex requires access to a a 3D printer that can print ABS, a CNC cutting tool, some miscellaneous parts and accessories, around 15 hours to print the whole thing, and then an hour to assemble it.

In addition to releasing all the info over Instructables, Marius has also set up a Wiki for the project where it can be tweaked and adjusted as needed.

It's not exactly the world's most efficient camera — it's an eight stage process to take a frame:

1- Prepare your picture frame, with you lens at full aperture, look into the viewfinder to set the frame and the focus right. 2- Measure light and change the aperture of you lens by the optimal one. 3- Prime the shutter, pull on the ShutterActuator and set it in high position. 4- Lifts up the mirror using the MirrorAcuator. 5- Open the BackShutter by pulling it up. 6- Hold your breath and push quickly the ShutterActuator trying to not shake the camera too much due to emotion. 7- Close the BackShutter. 8- Turn the RewinderButton a bit for the next picture.

But since the mount is custom designed, you can tweak it to be compatible with any glass. So you can play with all sorts of interesting lenses in front of this curious looking contraption.