Metabones Announces Nikon G Speed Booster

You can now mount Nikon G lenses, and gain a stop of light

metabones nikon m43

metabones nikon m43

Micro Four Thirds and Sony NEX shooters have just scored themselves yet another Speed Booster from the folks at Metabones, this time allowing you to mount Nikon G lenses on your ILC camera.

Available for both Micro Four Thirds and Sony E mounts for $429, the newest Speed Booster will let you add Nikon G and F lenses, both AI and non-AI, to the front of the adapter. As with other versions of the Speed Booster, the adapter widens the lens's field of view by .71x, and adds 1 stop to the maximum F-number. However, since Nikon G lenses don't have mechanical aperture controls, the Speed Booster now comes with it's own aperture ring, allowing you to adjust the f-stop that way.

You're still stuck with almost entirely manual controls, but for people who have transitioned to shooting a mirrorless camera, and still have a lot of Nikon glass floating around, this could be an excellent way to keep using what you have, and shave off a stop of light while you're at it.

[via DPReview]