DIY GoPro Rig Makes Bullet Time Fireworks Fun

What's more appropriate for the 4th of July than fireworks, photography, and building something crazy in your back yard?

gopro bullet time

gopro bullet time

We've seen people build DIY bullet time rigs from ceiling fans and GoPros before, but this twist on that same concept does something even more impressive: it adds explosives to the mix. Jeremiah Warren has put together an extremely simple backyard build on a budget, but managed to create a pretty incredible end result.

The build itself is very straightforward, and cost around $80 in parts (apart from the GoPro). It's a $25 fan, wood, screws, bolts, extension cords, and a speed regulator. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Warren mounted the cieling fan to a wooden beam, attached the GoPro to a fanblade via a vertical piece of wood, and controlled the whole thing with a speed regulator.

Unlike true bullet time, this rig doesn't allow you to rotate around a single moment of time, but it does do a pretty excellent job of creating a high-speed panorama of the action. Here's Warren describing the build:

So if you're bored this holiday weekend, and want an interesting DIY project, this might be fun to do. Just remember, despite what you saw in the video, you shouldn't hold fireworks.

[via DPReview]