Everyone’s probably come across thermal cameras before, special imaging devices that can give you a display of how heat is distributed over anything you point it at (you can even mod your smartphone to do it) — but did you know that something similar exists for sound? Sound cameras tend to be big, bulky, and hobbled by wire, but the new SeeSV-S205 shrinks everything down.

The SeeSV-S205 is a portable sound camera, designed to be easy to use and light enough to hold. It has a five-armed spiral pattern of small microphones that allow it to accurately map the sources and volume of sound. Much like a thermal heat-map, this information is invaluable for discovering the source of noises that might otherwise be hard to spot.

As demonstrated in this video, the SeeSV is being pitched heavily for auto use, and correctly spotting where in your car that bizarre grinding noise is coming from, but it’s not hard to imagine other uses for it. Musicians trying to sound-proof a room, for instance, or finding out which walls in your house lets in noise from the neighbors.

The camera weighs 1.78kg (around 4lbs), and by combining a normal optical camera with the sound information, is able to capture data at 25fps for both sound and video. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any information about it being up for sale, so who knows what it’ll cost when it does hit the market.


[via Gizmodo, DamnGeeky]