New Gear: Aptina Announces 14MP 1" Sensor with 4K Video

The maker of Nikon's 1-inch sensor have just unveiled its next generation of hardware

aptina sensor

aptina sensor

There's been a recent resurgence in the 1-inch sensor form factor, which can now be found in both the Nikon 1-series of ILCs, as well as the popular Sony RX100. Aptina, the company behind Nikon's 1-inch sensors, has just announced its newest generation, the 14-megapixel AR1411HS.

This new sensor will provide 4620x3084 still images, 4k@60fps video, and high speed footage from 1080p 120fps, all the way down to 1200fps in a 4620x170 strip. Still images can be captured at a whopping 80fps, and you'll be able to record 1080p video and capture 14-megapixel images at the same time.

This announcement has caused a burst of speculation as to what it could mean. In a press release, Sandor Barna, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina's Consumer Camera business said:

The AR1411HS image sensor delivers superior image quality and the ability to capture still shots and video very fast, in virtually any environment. This 1-inch sensor effectively bridges the performance and price gap between the smaller 1/2.3-inch sensors commonly used in compact digital still cameras and the larger APS-C and full-frame sensors that are used in DSLR cameras. Based on the initial success we are seeing in high quality HD-video enabled mirrorless cameras and strong interest from several top camera companies that have sampled the image sensor, we believe the AR1411HS is a game-changer.

If this sensor does become widely picked up, it could mean even more large sensor compact cameras entering the market, or the increased spread of 4k video recording on more devices.