Pet's View

The concept of sticking a camera on your pet’s collar is hardly a new one. After all, we already have the wonderful photography of Cooper the cat, and there are multiple commercial products which can do something similar. However, this concept from designer Jaehwa Lee goes a bit further than simply recording images from your furry friend’s neckline.

As with so many concept renders, it’s debatable if the Pet’s View camera is even physically possible, but there are some fun ideas in it, nevertheless. The device would be a combined USB drive/camera, with an adjustable neck band. There’s a sensor on the main unit for detecting the animal’s heartbeat and body temperature, which would trigger the camera when the animal got excited — and the whole thing would be powered by solar panels along the strap.

Sure, the technology to bundle all this together into an affordable and small product is probably a ways off, but it’s an interesting concept, and better than taping your GoPro to your dog’s back.